Stickers on transparent foil

Printing labels on transparent film allows for negligible permeability of the background by printing .

This means that the color of the substrate on which the sticker is no effect on the color printed on the film. In a typical screen printing color printing and substrate mix. Labels made screen printed its mechanical stability and resistance to UV radiation outweigh all other printing methods - laser , offset , flexo . The use of Pantone colors gives us the possibility of using metallic colors , fluorescent . We print on a wide variety of substrates such companies as ,: Oracal , Avery , Jack , 3M, Aslan Made stickers cut in any shape.

Digital printing

Digital printing - printing technology allows for the production of labels of the proverbial one piece

Screen printing

Printing technique in which a print
form template is applied to the fine mesh woven , metal or made ​​of synthetic fibers.

Offset printing

This variety of printing, where the image is transferred from
the aluminum matrix by the reflection on the drum and rubberized , to a substrate ,

Flexo printing

Flexographic printing is a printing technology using flexible printing plates , usually made ​​of a polymer.

XXL printing

Wide format solvent inkjet printers to produce advertising banners, plaques , signs , posters, advertising materials