Stickers on OWV film

The film One Way Vision - perforated adhesive foil for window graphics, white After sticking on the glass side of the application is visible pre-printed graphics. By uniform distribution of thousands of small holes has the effect of semipermeability light. With perforation, when viewed from the rear, we see what is located on the other side - the visibility is limited only to a small extent. Application: -Wide on means of transport, created shop windows, glass facades of office, -w salons and petrol stations. OWV film adhesive perforated, reduced by approx. 50% of the light coming into the room. Material (film OWV) creates external graphic opaque, and the inside acts as a transparent material. With films OWV obtain Venetian mirror effect. After the foil is stuck on one way vision (OWV) on the glass, occupants inside have limited visibility. Outsiders see little or nothing (apart from printing of advertising). Application Grid OWV: applications for sites and shop windows, car windows, elements of interior decors.