Epoxy stickers 3d

Epoxy stickers 3D is the cheapest way of making stickers spatial lifting prestige.

We are the manufacturer of 3D stickers, decals or convex coated with epoxy resin. We print in any number of colors (screen printing, offset, solvent). Labels can be a simple shape like a rectangle, circle, triangle, or a more complicated example. Letters, words. According to the needs of use films of different strength adhesive. Puffy stickers is the cheapest way of making stickers spatial lifting prestige. Sticker is more impressive, the resin also protects it mechanically against external conditions. As previously mentioned substrate may be a film: white, transparent, reflective, mirror-like. We produce, among others, for the advertising industry, automotive, pharmaceutical, furniture. Our clients are companies and individual customers. We undertake the production of small and large orders. We do not use minimum quantities. 3D sticker cost depends on the size, shape and effort. Individual calculations are performed by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. work on the X5 Corel and Adobe Illustrator CS5. The most popular file formats: cdr, eps, pdf, ai, tif, jpg. We invite you to familiarize yourself with exemplary embodiments. If you have questions, we are at your disposal mail and telephone








Digital printing

Digital printing - printing technology allows for the production of labels of the proverbial one piece

Screen printing

Printing technique in which a print
form template is applied to the fine mesh woven , metal or made ​​of synthetic fibers.

Offset printing

This variety of printing, where the image is transferred from
the aluminum matrix by the reflection on the drum and rubberized , to a substrate ,

Flexo printing

Flexographic printing is a printing technology using flexible printing plates , usually made ​​of a polymer.

XXL printing

Wide format solvent inkjet printers to produce advertising banners, plaques , signs , posters, advertising materials